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A little about what I do.


Conversion optimization, accessibility and user experience – great web design is about much more than just looking pretty.


Provide information, support narrative, embellish or parody – unique graphics tailored to your needs.

Graphic Design

Be it Photoshop, or pencil on paper, lino print or photomontage – eye-catching visual communication for the screen, or physical media.

From the Notebook

29 May

Note to Self: Handy OSX Terminal Commands

curl -I Retrieves only the headers from the specified webpage chflags nohidden ~/Library/ Unhide the user’s Library folder within their Home directory

28 May

Comparing London Borough Council Tax Rates 2013/2014

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A few years ago, as we were looking to move within London, I put together a blog post comparing London borough council tax rates (2010/2011). That post proved fairly helpful to others in the same situation and, as I’ve had a few requests to update it, I though it was time to do a follow […]

20 March

Comparing London Borough Council Tax Rates

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Update: If you are looking for 2012/2013 figures – there’s an up to date post here We’re currently looking to move and have been assessing different London boroughs to get an idea of where we’d like to move to and what the change to our cost of living would be. It has surprised me that […]